Happy Sheep


Since we created Happy Sheep,
we have always had certain values ​​at heart.


From respect for the animals at every stage of the cash-
mere collection to the fantastic relationship of collaboration
with our Nepalese friends.


Day after day, we have worked to improve every possible
aspect of our adventure so as to make it not only incredi-
ble, but also sustainable.
This is why we are proud of who we are today:
a reality based on the enhancement of the Nepalese work-
force and its craft tradition, in a factory that has given fair
and regulated work to 40 employees, masterfully guided
by our Santa Budhathoki.


Our garments represent the natural
consequence of our values.


Cashmere, first of all. We obtain it by brushing the goats
during the season of the suit, in order to use the wool that
the animal naturally loses.


We also work with knit stitches lowered to guarantee
the least possible waste of material.


The value of the raw material combined with manual
processing techniques ensures that each garment is
made to last generations.


Another step towards a more ethical fashion we did with the
recently adopted packaging system, which uses polymers
made from sugar cane with minimal environmental impact.


Our path starts from afar. But it is not finished.
We will continue to work on improving and making Happy
Sheep an ever more sustainable and ethical brand.


Let’s leave the viola aside.
Forget for a moment magenta and cobalt.
Our sweaters, even if it will seem strange,
are all green.