Happy Sheep

Happy to help.


Happy Sheep originates from the encounter of two worlds:
made in Italy design and Nepalese craftsmanship.


We were fully aware of the mastery of Nepalese people as
cashmere manufacturers, but since our very first trip to the
Kathmandu Valley we realized there was
so much more about them.

What we found was a mindset in which freedom, respect
and dedication melt together to form pure and
unconditioned happiness,
despite the serious issues of everyday life.

We expected to learn a lot about cashmere.
But we also learned a lot about people.


Among them was Santa Budhathoki owner of
the factory that produced our garments since the very start.

Santa was a teenage single mum when her father died,
leaving her with no options but to interrupt her studies and
start working to make a living.

In a couple of years she earned enough to start her little
business: a textile factory with just 2 hand flat machines.

When we first met Santa we were immediately
captivated by the confidence,
the radiance and the talent of this woman.

Seven years later she is a successful businesswoman run-
ning a definitely much bigger factory with 36 automatic
machines and 40 employees (30 women),
a reality we are very proud of having enhanced.


Happy Sheep wouldn’t exist without a centuries-old tradition
that Nepalese people have been kind enough to share. The
least we can do is to continue to support them with a sus-
tainable business model that endorses active involvement
of the suppliers over mere production outsourcing.